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How can I check if my payment or transfer has been made?

You can check that your payment or transfer has left your account by logging into Digital Banking at www.rbsidigital.com. When you have logged in, choose the account you made the payment from in the 'Account summary' section. If the payment or transfer you have made left your account immediately you will see the transaction in your list of most recent transactions.

If you have scheduled a payment or transfer for a date in the future you will be able to check online that it has been created successfully.

  1. Log into Digital Banking at www.rbsidigital.com
  2. Select 'Payments and transfers' from the menu
  3. Select 'Manage scheduled payments' from the 'Make a payment or transfer' section.

Please note: If you have set up a scheduled payment at a branch, it will not appear online. Please contact a branch if you need to amend or cancel the payment.

If you are expecting to receive a payment, you will be able to see the transaction on the account the money is being paid into when it has arrived.