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How do I remove someone from a joint account?

To remove someone from a joint account we require written instructions, signed by all parties on the account.

The letter should include:

  • account number and sort code of the account(s) to be changed
  • details of the person to be removed from the account(s)
  • the date you wish the instruction to take effect
  • details of any outstanding lending facilities connected to the account(s) such as an overdraft, loan or mortgage. If you have any outstanding lending facilities, please advise:
    • if the facilities are to be repaid or amended?
    • who is to be responsible for any outstanding sums?
  • confirmation that any cards and cheque books issued to the person being removed have been destroyed
  • details of all standing orders and direct debits on the account(s) advising if these should continue to be paid, amended or cancelled

Please send the instruction to your branch or Relationship Manager or visit your local branch.

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Please note: For loan and mortgage accounts, parties CANNOT be removed from those accounts. A new application for a loan or mortgage in the remaining party name(s) would be required.