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How have payments at the weekend changed?

The amount of funds you can withdraw at weekends and on bank holidays will be affected by payments you may have already made, for example Point Of Sale (POS) transactions using your debit card the previous day, or by payments that are due to come out of your account on the next business day, for example a direct debit to pay your utility bill.

So it's important that you're aware of your balance and take this into account.

To help explain, here's an example:

If you have £800 in your account on a Friday and a direct debit for your Mortgage of £700 is due to come out of your account on the Monday, then from Saturday your available balance will say £100 and your balance will say £100. You only have £100 available to spend over the weekend unless you call us to arrange for access to the £700 also. From Saturday, the Mortgage payment will also show on your mini statement online as Monday's date.