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What is my Digital Banking customer number?

Your customer number has up to 10 digits starting with your date of birth (DDMMYY) and then your unique number (up to 4 digits) which identifies you to the bank.

The number is automatically created by the bank when you first sign up for Digital Banking and you will see it on screen when you've successfully completed the registration process. In some cases we may need to send it to you, either by email if we hold a valid email address for you in our records, or by post.

An example of a customer number – if your date of birth is 1st March 1967, your customer number would be 010367 and then the unique number given to you when you signed up.

You can log in to Digital Banking at www.rbsidigital.com.

If you are still unsure of what your customer number is, you will need to re-activate your Digital Banking (opens in a new window) and you will be shown it on screen again.